A celebration of Gujarat's literary creativity

Vodafone Gujarati Literature Festival promises to bring together connoisseurs and creators of literature, art, music, drama, film and folk art for a live interaction. Over 100 accomplished and aspiring writers, poets and other creative people are expected to participate in the three days of festivities. In addition to the literary sessions the sidelines promise book stalls, folk art performances and of course delicious food!

Star writers of TV serials, movies and of course Gujarati Literature will be conversing with the audiences and interact with them. The venue will have a dynamic environment where the energy of Gujararti Asmita will throb in every interaction.

There will be 3 parallel sessions going on at any point of time between 9.30am to 6.30pm. Each session will have a stage where invited artistes will deliver and address as well as discuss, debate and interact with audiences on a pre-decided subject. In addition to the literary sessions, there will be reading sessions, performances, new book releases, workshops, interaction with writers and publishers.

Participation: The 3 days Festival is Free and open to all with Registration.

Bookings can be done online at www.gujaratilitfest.com and at the Venue. (PHOTO ID required for ENTRY). click here to register

*  To avoid waiting time in queues at the festival, please pre-register online and show up with your online registration print out & photo ID

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